Salvador Dali superlatives exhibition presents: Road to Pubol !


For almost two months, Salvador Dali is the host to all who desire to admire his artworks in Busteni Cantacuzino Castle! He delighted his visitors with lots of suprises> giant eggs which now decorate the former Nabab’s residence, red lips sofa, melting whatches, flamenco dances, theatre shows, all were destinated to visitors until now !


But now its time for a new surprise, also signed by the matchessly surrealistic Salvador Dali! Starting now, you can admire in Cantacuzino Castle the lithography called: The road to Pubol !


This artwork is the last picture of Gala, Dali’s wife and it reveals the love story between these two. Pubol is the castle that Dali bought for his wife. At that time, the place was in ruin, but Dali built this present Castle for her !


We are waiting for you, until October 4th to meet Salvador Dali, Gala and the matcheless universal arworks signed by this surrealistic genius, right in Busteni Cantacuzino Castlle !




Muzeul municipiului Câmpulung




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